Why Participate in the REN?

Amish Quilt Auction, Daviess County, 2013-2014 REN

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“Very easy to maintain.”
–West Lafayette Public Library

“Very quality program in management and artwork.”
–Brown County Public Library

“The rotating schedule allows for a nice variety of exposure to different arts.”
–Lawrenceburg Public Library

“Very positive response. People like the ‘quick & easy’ way to get info. All library patrons have access to the panels.”
–Porter County Public Library


The Rotating Exhibit Network…

  • Generates interest in Indiana traditions
  • Encourages use of historical and cultural resources
  • Identifies and honors local tradition bearers
  • Offers high quality display at no cost
  • Provides colorful and appealing content
  • Generates interest in linked public programs

Contact TAI to learn more about receiving a REN panel for your organization.


One Response to Why Participate in the REN?

  1. Danny says:

    Thanks for your hard work, and the work of everyone ieonlvvd on all sides. We really appreciate the efforts being made to help Geocachers/Groundspeak and the INDNR work together toward a solution.

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