Webinar recording access: An Overview of Indiana Artisan

For those of you who missed Traditional Arts Indiana’s latest webinar, “An Overview of Indiana Artisan”, fear not! You can access a recording of the informational program at http://breeze.iu.edu/p7yeufp3be8/.

When you click the link, you will be taken to a new window that shows everything exactly as it happened.

Indiana Artisan director Eric Freeman was our host for this webinar, and it’s chock full of information aimed at producers of high-quality food and art in the State of Indiana. If you are such an artisan, this webinar will show you how to raise awareness and establish a brand for your work. The program clocked in at just under 30 minutes – we hope you can find some time to watch!

Eric has kindly invited viewers to contact him directly at Eric@IndianaArtisan.org with any questions. You can also check out the Indiana Artisan website at http://www.indianaartisan.org for lots of helpful information.

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