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Director de TAI: Jon Kay

Teléfono: 812-855-0418

Fax: 812-855-4008

Dirección de correo postal:

Traditional Arts Indiana
504 N. Fess Ave Bloomington, IN 47408

Correo electrónico: (Nosotros preferimos iniciar el contacto a través de este formulario web con el fin de evitar correo basura/junk mail. Gracias por su comprensión.)

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  1. Sam Alderfer says:

    Good morning Jon,

    My name is Samuel Alderfer and I am the social media manager for the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. Each month this year we are trying to focus on a different theme related to Indiana’s history. Last month we featured women who have contributed to Indiana’s history.

    As April already is National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month, we are dedicating April to Indiana art history. We are wanting to promote all of Indiana’s arts by trying to highlight everything from architecture, design, media, literature, painting/drawing, photography, music and much more! It is especially important to include all of Indiana’s traditional arts in this campaign. There are some many cool unique arts traditions here in Indiana and we want to help share them across the state!

    As of right now we have a social media presence on Facebook: “Indiana Bicentennial Commission”, Twitter: “Indiana2016”, and Instagram: “Indiana2016”. Our goal is to really try to showcase and highlight Indiana’s great art history though social media. We also want to actively promote current initiatives, programs, and events across the state that involve the arts.

    We know that the Traditional Arts Indiana is one of the state’s leaders in promoting the traditional arts here in Indiana. We would love to partner with you for the next month, let alone throughout the bicentennial to help promote any of your events/initiatives. If you have any upcoming events, pictures, recordings, stories etc. that you would like us to share, please let us know!

    Please let me know if you have any questions and look forward to hearing back from you!



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