Second Servings Podcast Episode 4: Morel Mushrooms

The morel mushroom fruits in the spring, signaling a Hoosier tradition of hunting the wooded areas of the state for these elusive fungi.  Though serious morel hunters can be cagey to newcomers, the activity has inspired a lively folklore.

Morel lovers congregate for group hunts, festivals, clubs, and via online message boards and social media to trade outlandish hunting methods and rumored fertile hunt spots.

Lengthy foraging for this rare mushroom pays off, as it is a prized culinary treat – as good deep fried in a simple egg batter as it is sautéed with truffle oil on top a pasta dish.

Brown County State Park interpretive naturalist Jim Eagleman gives us some background on the park’s morel festival, Steve Russell of the Hoosier Mushroom Society shares his favorite cooking methods, and Ron Kerner of is kind enough to give us some hunting tips.

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