Second Servings Podcast Episode 3: Hoosier Homebrew

Homebrewed beer is one of the oldest cottage industries and has become a popular practice in Indiana with rise of homebrew social clubs. We talk to Hoosier homebrewers to hear their stories of malting mayhem, hoppy accidents, and brew-ins—the social gatherings where people brew and share their suds.

Veteran brewer Dibbs Harting tells about the history and culture of home-crafted beer, beer enthusiast Rick Stidham relates the appeal of making beer from scratch, and Chadd Powell, the president of the Bloomington Hop Jockeys, discusses the community surrounding homebrew hobbyists. We also head down to Floyd County to sample beers with the F.O.S.S.I.L.S. homebrew club and to talk to member Dennis Stockslager about the brewing process from barley to bottle.

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Second Servings is an original podcast series, produced by Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI), that explores and documents the distinctive food traditions of Indiana, the communities that uphold them, and the individuals who practice them. Second Servings focuses on Indiana’s foodways and is one of TAI’s latest public programming initiatives to showcase the community, continuity, and creativity surrounding local culinary arts.  Second Servings is also available on iTunes. Find more information here.

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