Love what we do here at TAI? We couldn’t do it without the NEA! Part II

We are back for another post that highlights the support we receive from The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Over the years, Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) has been the recipient of many grants from the NEA that have allowed us to develop and implement public programs that center on folk and traditional arts in our state. We at TAI are grateful to programs like the NEA, and we would like to show our thanks this week by revisiting some of our past projects that could not have been possible without funding from the NEA. 

One such program is the Rotating Exhibit Network (REN) that serves 30 libraries around the state of Indiana. Each year TAI collaborates with the public library system to provide educational exhibit panels that present the work of Hoosier artisans. Every two months local libraries enrolled in the program receive a new exhibit panel, featuring one of the many artists that have partnered with TAI for this project. In the past we have featured drum makers, rag rug weavers, mariachi bands, bluegrass musicians, gospel singers, the St. Meinrad abbey, the Geode Grotto, basket makers, turkey call makers, persimmon pudding makers, ukulele builders, and quilters.

If you would like to learn more about the REN program, please click here.

TAI would like to extend our gratitude to organizations like the NEA. Without agencies such as these, there would be less opportunities for arts education and programming in our state. 

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