Lahody Meats Butcher Shop

Lahody Meats Butcher Shop has only been open for 3 years,but to the residents of Muncie, Indiana it seems like its always been there.  Owner Ron Lahody’s parents, Myron and Pauline, owned a local butcher shop from 1965 to 1980.

“I’ve had a really good reaction (from the community),” says Ron.  “But you have to remember that my name – Lahody – was here from 1965 to 1980, so there’s a lot of people walking around who still remember that.”
After learning how to slaughter, process, and cut meat for retail and wholesale both at his parents’ shop and in other jobs in the meat industry, Ron spent a number of years working in other fields.

Part of what drew him back to the family business was necessity.  “I was in home remodeling and I was too darn old to lift a ladder anymore, he jokes.  “Couldn’t shoot a drywall and all that.  So I got back into this business.  I’m still lifting chunks of meat, but it’s nothing like home remodeling!”

Lahody Meats is a cozy space lined with family photos and hand-drawn signs, and it seems quite far removed from your average grocery meat counter.  He buys his chicken, eggs, and smoked meats from Northern Indiana, selling them alongside Nebraska beef and Iowa pork.

Ron’s friend Betty Richey, the unofficial “mother” of Lahody Meats, decorates the store for various holidays.  “We’ve already had somebody asking about Christmas,” says Ron.

Along with his five employees, Ron strives for good service and quality meat. “It’s personal,” he says.  “You see us cutting the meat, we don’t cut it behind a wall somewhere.”

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