Hooiser Homecoming

On Saturday, October 15th, Traditional Arts Indiana participated in the culminating event for Indiana’s Bicentennial: Hoosier Homecoming. This event, held at the statehouse in Indianapolis, featured musical acts, cultural organizations, speeches from political figures of the region, and the torch relay’s finale. TAI set up along one whole corridor of the area surrounding the statehouse, creating a space in which participants could learn about Indiana crafts, witness artists craft pieces from their respective traditions, and speak to those artists about their crafts and traditions. A wide array of Indiana craft and artistic expression was on display, as all of the following excellent craftspeople were present: basket maker Viki Graber, bead artist Katrina Mitten, pysanky maker Carol Powers, rosemaler Jan Boettcher, furniture maker Greg Adams, decoy maker John Bundy, Bowl Hewer Keith Ruble, members of the Sisters of the Cloth quilting guild, and netmaker Larry Haycraft. Please enjoy the following pictures from the event:

Traditional Arts Indiana tents as far as the eye can see!

Traditional Arts Indiana tents as far as the eye can see!


Greg Adams works on the finishing touches of a willow-topped table.


Greg Adams and John Bundy’s demonstration area complete with admirers!


Carved pieces by John Bundy in honor of the bicentennial.


Keith Ruble discusses bowl hewing with an interested group of military personnel.


Keith Ruble demonstrating bowl hewing while working on an Indiana-shaped bowl!


Larry Haycraft and his son demonstrate net making.


Carol Power’s and Jan Boettcher’s demonstration space.


Carol Powers demonstrates pysanky making for an interested event goer.


Some beautiful example of rosemaling by Jan Boettcher.


Katrina Mitten demonstrating beadwork on a teal vest.


Viki Graber demonstrating basket making with willows.


An event goer signs a quilt square for the Sister of the Cloth’s guest quilt.


Deep quilting discussions occur.


Everyone together displaying their work! (plus graduate assistants).



Everyone together displaying their work! (plus Jon Kay!)


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