Food Trucks: An Indiana Tradition

In this 1903 publication of the Indianapolis News, famed Indiana cartoonist Frank McKinney Hubbard depicts the mobile kitchen as a turn-of-the-century trend. Over a hundred years later, “every convenience of a culinary nature is [STILL] to be found” in the downtown streets of Indianapolis.

Food is a traditional art of the ages. Cooking in a cubby-hole kitchen on wheels adds a whole new level of artistry to it! In our recent episode of Second Servings, TAI’s podcast series on Indiana foodways, we discovered that while the horse-and-buggy is no longer the preferred method of food vending, droves of people still line up at these roving restaurants for their made-to-order specialties.

Our trip to the First Friday Food Truck Fest was telling. Like in 1903, “it [was] not an uncommon sight to see a belated epicurean munching the mahogany-colored drumstick of a fried chicken bought at one stand while enjoying the fragrance of the coffee of another.” Add gourmet macaroni, breaded pork tenderloins, fried seafood, barbecue, cupcakes, and tacos to the list!

To hear more about the growing popularity of food trucks in Indiana, take a listen to our Second Servings podcast at

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