BFA09: The Beauty of Folk Arts with Indiana Limestone Carvers

This episode of The Beauty of Folk Arts podcast features a recorded interview by Jon Kay as he speaks with Indiana limestone carvers and industry workers Matt Bruce, Casey Winningham, Amy Brier, Will Galloway, Kent Todd, and Scott Todd. In September of 2015, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures and Traditional Arts Indiana hosted The Art of Limestone program to celebrate Indiana’s rich stone carving traditions. This interview is a recording of the narrative stage that took place at the event. In this moving and funny episode, Matt, Casey, Amy, Will, Kent, and Scott discuss the importance of limestone to Indiana and what it means to be able to work in the limestone industry as carvers and artisans.  

Stay tuned for the end of the interview when father and son musicians, Kent and Scott Todd, play a few bluegrass songs for the audience. You are sure to be entertained by what these artists have to say!

Click on the link below the photos to hear this episode. 

Amy Brier teaches TAI staff member Mathilde how to hold limestone carving tools.

Casey Winningham carves a head stone at the Art of Limestone event.

Carving tools

Matt Bruce’s large scale limestone knife on display.

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